Established in 2009, Chengdu Ruineng Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise registered in Shuangliu District, Chengdu City. The company's business scope includes research and development of avionics, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic test equipment and airborne products.

As a professional supplier of aviation test equipment,  Ruineng Technology Co., Ltd. serves many airlines, MRO companies and aviation product manufacturers around the world. Ruineng Technology provides customers with components, such as aviation power system, hydraulic system, electromechanical system, environmental control system, avionics system and propulsion system. At the same time, it also provides system test solutions.

Ruineng Technology has rich development and engineering experience in the field of airborne power management systems. Mnay of its products, such as dispaly power supply module for entertainment system, power supply for crew, EFB charging power supply and video monitoring have obtained airworthiness licenses. They have been installed and operated in OEM, PMA or MDA mode on Boeing and Airbus aricraft, and will be widely used in the ARJ21 and C919 of COMAC.

Ruineng Technology has established a highly educated, experienced, innovative R & D and engineering technical team, with a number of aviation patented technologies, and has established a sound quality management system, production management system and after-sales service system, is committed to providing high-quality products and services for the majority of aviation customers.