Model: RN-YYCMDM-20177

Through the general design, it can provide hydraulic ennergy for function inspection, oil refilling and replenishment, oil filtration and so on.The whole vehicle design is beautiful and elegant, scientific and reasonable. It is centrally displayed and controlled by LCD screen, with high degree of automation and convenient operation and maintenance. And it is the ideal equipment for aircraft hydraulic system ground inspection and maintenance.

Adapted to helicopter models: Jaguar(SA330), Super Jaguar(AS332), Z-9, Z-8, EC225, EC135, BELL407 and other models.

Hydraulic parameter index

·Hydraulic medium: AIR-3520 or MIL-H-83282A;

·Hydraulic tank volume: total volume 40 liters, effective volume 35 liters;

·Pressure of supercharging circuit: rated working pressure of 1.6MPa. The opening pressure of the relief valve is set at 0.7MPa;

·Pressure loop flow: 40L/min;

·High pressure circuit pressure: 2-21MPa continuously adjustable. The opening pressure of the solenoid relief valve is set at 21MPa;

·High pressure circuit flow: 10-35 L/min continuously adjustable;

·Oil temperature control: higher than 35℃ air cooling start, 60℃ system alarm, 33℃ air cooling stop;

·Oil Cooling Capacity: The hydraulic system can maintain normal oil working temperature at 175 bar (maximum flow rate of 20 L/min);

·The highest filtration accuracy :3μ (can be customized according to specific working conditions and customer requirements);

·Hose connection length: 9 meters;

·Length of power cable: 20 meters.

Transmission motor parameters index

·Motor power: 15KW;

·Power demand: three-phase four-wire AC380V, 30 amp power supply.

Tractor parameters

·Traction and dragging speed: maximum speed of 25 km/h;