The engine fuel nozzle production test bed is designed for the production users of the engine fuel nozzle, which can carry out automatic batch test on the nozzle, which can greatly reduce the testing work intensity of the production personnel, improve the testing accuracy and save the production time. The test items include flow test, spray Angle test, air flow test, seal test and uniformity test, etc. It is a standard fuel nozzle test product. At present, it has been applied in a foreign APU development and production enterprise and received high praise from customers.

For the production, maintenance and development of the engine fuel nozzle/collector pipe, Ruineng can provide different test bed solutions.

Main indicators:

· Fuel medium :MIL-C-7024, Type II;

· Fuel medium temperature: 80℉±5℉, with heating and cooling measures;

· Working liquid filtration precision: 5 um, using inlet and outlet multi-stage filtration, to ensure filtration quality and efficiency;

· Can test the flow characteristics of the fuel nozzle, test the relationship between the oil pressure of the nozzle and the amount of oil injection under different oil pressure conditions; And the relationship between air pressure and air flow under different air pressure conditions; The oil pressure of the nozzle can be adjusted in the range of 20 ~ 400 psi. It is controlled by numerical control, with fast response and stable pressure.

· The seal test pressure environment was 600 psi;

· Product serial number input devices, can automatically read and record the environmental temperature, humidity, air pressure, oil pressure, air pressure, oil temperature, oil flow and air flow, and analysis of process data automatically, automatic alarm and tag the NCM in the record, the data unit and requirements are consistent, data output for USB interface;

· The nozzle can be quickly disassembled and assembled, suitable for batch testing;