This test bench is used for measuring all kinds of parameters of linear actuators in the process of production and maintenance, including: Tensile pressure measurement, travel measurement, speed measurement, travel time recording, travel switch position adjustment, rated load test, maximum load test, brake test, leak test, etc., the test area of the test bench is isolated and protected by high strength plexiglass to ensure the safety of the test personnel and the specimen. As a universal test platform, this test bench has a high degree of automatic test capability and adopts an open universal development and programming platform.

The test bench is composed of five parts: electrical control unit, hydraulic power source, test unit, control unit and leakage test tooling.

The system has the following characteristics:

·Wide coverage, to meet nearly 20 pieces of product testing needs, and has a strong expansion ability, users can carry out secondary programming;

·Complete safety control and alarm system, in the case of abnormal test parts or test bench to alarm users, and guide users to troubleshoot the cause of failure;

·With personnel authorization and hierarchical management functions to prevent misoperation;

·On-line measurement of sensors and on-line calibration of software;

·Automatic storage of equipment usage records, easy to query;

·Provide automatic data analysis function, users can generate test reports according to the automatically recorded test data, and conduct customized curve analysis on the test data.

Using the environment

·Power supply: 3-phase AC, 15KVA;

·Operating temperature: 0~35℃;

·Working humidity: 5%~95%;

·Working pressure: normal atmospheric pressure;

·Equipment size (length * width * height) : 2.92m*1.2m*2.1m;

·Weight: 2000KG;

Mechanical parameters:

·Tensile and compression load: -16kN ~+ 16kN;

·The test bench provides the installation requirements of the tested parts, the maximum stroke is 500mm, and the distance between the two lugs is 1000mm~1200mm;

·The stretching and retracting speed of the loading cylinder is 100mm/s; Minimum speed can be as low as 1mm/s;

The hydraulic parameters

·Hydraulic medium: No. 15 aviation red oil /MIL-H-5606A;

·Rated flow: 8L/MIN

·Maximum pressure: 18 MP

·Hydraulic cylinder stroke: 400mm

·Hydraulic cylinder diameter: 50/36 mm

Electrical parameters:

·DC power supply, 1.2KW, 0~80V, 0~60A, used for the working power supply of the part under test;

·DC power supply, 192W,0~32V,0~6A, used for the excitation signal source of the part under test;

·Medium frequency power supply, 3KVA, three-phase 0~150V adjustable, frequency 400Hz±0.4Hz, used for the working power supply of the parts under test;

Measurement parameters:

·DC current measurement: DC current sensor, range 0~50A, accuracy 0.02%FS, 1 channel;

·AC current measurement: AC current sensor, range 0~2A, precision 0.2%FS, 1 channel;

·AC current measurement: AC current sensor, range 0~5A, accuracy 0.2%FS, 2 channels;

· Resistance test: using 6-bit half-digital multimeter 34465A;

·Displacement measurement: Magnetoinduced position sensor, range 0~800mm, accuracy 0.01%, resolution 1μ2, 2 channels

·Force measurement: tension pressure sensor, range 0~2000kg, accuracy 0.03%, 1 channel;

·Force measurement: tension pressure sensor, range 0~500kg, accuracy 0.03%, 1 channel;

·Force measurement: tension pressure sensor, range 0~100kg, accuracy 0.03%, 1 channel;

·Temperature measurement: infrared temperature sensor, range 0~500℃, accuracy ±1.5℃, 1 channel, used to monitor the temperature of the measured parts.

·Pressure measurement: Pressure transmitter, range 0~ 40Mpa, precision 0.5%FS, 1 channel, used to monitor the hydraulic pressure of the system

·DC voltage measurement: DC voltage sensor, range 0~15V, precision 0.2%FS, 1 channel, used for potentiometer test of the part to be measured.

Expansion performance:

·Can perform LVDT test;

·The servo actuator can be tested.