APU Start Generator Test Bed
APU Start Generator Test Bed

This test bench mainly tests the function and performance of the main flight control actuator (servo actuator), including aileron actuator, elevator actuator, rudder actuator, multi-function spoiler actuator, etc.

The main functions of the test bed are as follows

The system has the function of measuring various parameters, including pressure, flow, linear displacement, angular displacement, force, velocity, voltage, current, temperature, etc;

The system has the functions of manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic test;

The test process and parameter setting can be freely configured in the software configuration interface. During the test process, all or part of the test process can be selected for testing. After the test is completed, the test data can be automatically recorded in the test report.

The test bench has the function of driving the tested actuator normally. It includes the cable joint and pipeline joint connected with the actuator under test

The test bench has the loading function of the tested actuator. The mode is divided into active loading and passive loading, including quick connection / disconnection with the actuator under test.

The realizable test items include: lap resistance test, insulation resistance test, actuator polarity test, actuator hydraulic oil internal leakage test, actuator circulation and hydraulic oil external leakage test, actuator mode selection valve test, actuator inlet check valve test, return pressure reducing valve test, actuator stroke test and LVDT gain test, ehsv LVT test and zero offset test Actuator threshold test, actuator hysteresis test, actuator frequency response test, actuator no-load speed test, pressure sensor test, actuator clearance test.