PMG Generator Drive Table
PMG Generator Drive Table

The test bench is designed to test the working characteristics of PMG generator in flight control system of C919 aircraft. The maximum test speed of the generator is about 24500 R / min. the system adopts the direct drive mode of imported high-speed and high-precision motor, which reduces the complexity of the system and greatly improves the maintainability.

The main functions of the system include:

The output speed range is 0 ~ 24500 R / min, which can be adjusted continuously;

Speed change rate test;

Speed regulation characteristic test;

Steady state speed adjustment accuracy test;

Speed overshoot characteristic test;

Dynamic recovery characteristic test;

Forward and reverse characteristic test;

PMG test piece temperature, output voltage, main feeder voltage drop test;

Torque loading function;

The system has the functions of automatic cooling, active noise reduction and remote communication;