Universal Hydraulic Valve Test Bench
Universal Hydraulic Valve Test Bench

The hydraulic valve test bench can meet the pressure test, opening pressure test, reset pressure test, full flow pressure test, pressure drop test, reverse pressure drop test, internal leakage test, response (pressure drop rise) test, response (rapid flow) test, PTU selection valve performance test, etc. of PTU selection valve, fire shut-off valve, priority valve, self pressurization priority valve, etc Fire shut-off valve performance test, lap resistance test, insulation resistance test, etc.

The platform design is adopted in the test bench. The user can customize the test process according to the test requirements and characteristics of different hydraulic valves. The hardware and software design of the measurement and control system support manual and automatic modes. The user can carry out manual test through the panel knob, switch, etc., and can also carry out system parameter configuration and automatic test through the computer, and print the test report automatically.

Basic indicators:

Hydraulic circuit: 2 supply and 2 return

Oil supply pressure range: 150-5000psi; 30-3000psi

Flow measurement: 0.002-2 L / min; 1-250L/Min

Solenoid valve power supply module: 0 VDC ~ 50VDC, continuously adjustable, precision: 1 ± 0.25VDC

Filtration accuracy: 2 μ Pollution level: applicable to SAE as4059 grade 5,

The continuous working time of the equipment shall not be less than 24 hours, and the overall mean time between failures shall not be less than 1 hour