The service actuator test bench mainly meets the test requirements of static and dynamic characteristics of various servo actuators of the aircraft main flight control system. The test objects include: aileron actuators, elevator actuators, rudder actuators, multifunctional spoiler actuators, etc. The test items include: Lap resistance test, insulation resistance test, polarity test, hydraulic oil internal leakage test, circulating and external hydraulic oil leakage test, mode selector valve test, inlet check valve test, oil return pressure reducing valve test, travel test, LVDT gain test, EHSV LVT test and zero offset test, threshold test, hysteresis test, no-load speed test, pressure sensor test, actuator clearance test, etc

Test bench function

·The system has the function of measuring parameters, including pressure, flow, linear displacement, angular displacement, force, speed, voltage, current, temperature, etc. The measured parameters can be collected by the computer can be displayed on the computer interface;

·The system has manual, semi-automatic and automatic testing functions;

·The test process and parameter Settings can be configured freely in the software configuration interface. During the test process, the test process can be fully selected or partially selected for testing. After the test is completed, the test data can be automatically recorded in the test report.

·The test bench has the function of driving the tested actuator normally. The utility model comprises a cable connector and a pipe connector connected with the actuator under test

·The test bench has the loading function of the actuator under test. The mode is divided into active loading and passive loading, including quick connection/disconnection tooling from the actuator under test.

·The computer data acquisition system can carry out data analysis and processing, data display and playback, draw graphics, generate tables, data import, export, data retrieval, automatic generation of test report, test failure reason analysis function;

Basic indicators:

·Test system medium: phosphate ester flame retardant hydraulic oil,SAE AS1241,Type IV Class 1 fluid;

·Loading system medium: No. 15 aviation red oil;

·Oil pollution level:

·Purple oil pollution grade: better than SAE AS4059 Class 5;

·Red oil pollution grade: better than SAE AS4059 Class 6;

·Working liquid filtration precision: 2um, using inlet and outlet multi-stage filtration, ensure filtration quality and speed;

·The oil supply pressure can be adjusted continuously, and the oil return can be loaded under pressure.

·With pressure, flow, linear displacement, angular displacement, force, speed, voltage, current, temperature and other data acquisition and

processing capabilities;

·Output maximum stroke;

·Speed detection;

·Sinusoidal and triangular wave input signal frequency;

·Maximum output force;

·Performance indicators of signal conditioner:

·Linear degree: 0.05%;

·Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C.