Hydraulic valve testboard meet PTU selector valve, fire cut-off valve, valve, since the pressurization preference valve pressure test, and so on each kind of hydraulic valve opening pressure test and reset pressure test, the whole flow pressure test, pressure drop test, reverse pressure drop test, leak test, response (pressure drop) test, response (rapid traffic) test, PTU selector valve performance test, turn off fire Valve performance test, lap resistance test, insulation resistance test, etc.

Test station USES the platform design, the user can according to the test requirements and characteristics of different hydraulic valve custom testing process, measurement and control system hardware and software design are support manual and automatic mode, the user can through the knob, switch panel for manual testing, such as can also through the computer to carry on the system configuration parameters and automatic testing, and automatically print test report issued by.

Basic indicators:

·Hydraulic circuit: 2 for 2

·Oil supply pressure range: 150-5000psi; 30-3000psi

·Oil medium: red oil or purple oil

·Flow measurement: 0.002-2L /Min; 1-250L/Min

·Solenoid valve power supply module: 0VDC ~50VDC, continuously adjustable, accuracy: ±0.25VDC

·Filtration accuracy: 2μ

·Contamination Grade: SAE AS4059 Class 5