Hydraulic pump station is mainly for all kinds of aircraft hydraulic finished parts test bench or other hydraulic equipment to provide centralized hydraulic power source, according to the pressure requirements of different hydraulic equipment, can provide 3000PSI and 5000PSL two kinds of pressure levels, and according to the needs of hydraulic finished parts working medium, to provide red oil and blue oil two kinds of working medium.

According to user requirements, the following functional options are provided:

- Static pressure testing, maximum pressure up to 10,000 psi or more;

- Provide remote control interface and control panel;

- Provide oil online cleanliness function;

- Provide water content detection function;

- Provides low voltage output control function;

- Provides multi-channel pressure output function and can be independent control;

- Provide oil working medium temperature control function;

- Other customization features proposed by users.

Equipment features:

The hydraulic pump station adopts dual pump modular design, which can provide 3000PSI and 5000PSI pressure according to different demands of the hydraulic test platform. The multi-way output configuration is adopted, and the pressure at the outlet can be adjusted, and the purple oil or red oil medium can be used according to user needs.

The pump source control and display system can remotely monitor the pump station system pressure, flow, oil temperature and other parameters, and display in real time on the liquid crystal display screen, and also can display the system dynamic hydraulic schematic diagram of each working state and oil level in the tank. It is equipped with a 19-inch color touch screen, which can monitor the pressure, flow, temperature, pollution, water content, gas content and other parameters of the whole system in real time, and control the pressure, flow and temperature of the output oil of the pumping station system. It is also equipped with protective measures such as starting protection, power down protection and emergency stop protection. Acousto-optic alarm for failure is set in the system.

Basic indicators:

·Driving power: 75 KW,132KW (configurable)

·Drive speed: 1450 r/min

·Hydraulic medium: phosphate ester flame retardant hydraulic oil (purple oil) or red oil.

·Filtration accuracy: 2μ

·Contamination Level: SAE AS4059 Class 5, with sampling port for oil cleanliness

·Oil supply capacity: 5000PSI@20GPM, SHA;

·5000PSI@40GPM , 3000PSI@65GPM ;

·Total flow: 100 GPM

·Stainless steel tank: 1500 L

·Pressure pulsation of the system: ≤±6%;

·Output oil temperature requirement: 20-50℃;

·Noise: no more than 75dB (measured at 1m in the pump house);

·The continuous working time of the equipment shall not be less than 24 hours, and the overall average trouble-free time shall not be less than 10,000 hours.