This test bench can be used for the full function test of ATS of Daihatsu, including B737, B747, B777, A320, A330, MA700, etc., which are in operation in China. The loading method is flywheel loading, and other loading methods can be selected according to the user's budget and technical requirements.

Its main parameters are as follows:

· The test bed can provide an inertia load of J=6.8 kg·m2.

· Inlet pressure of air turbine starter (0 ~ 150 psi), accuracy ±0.5%;

· The inlet air temperature of the air turbine starter is measured within the temperature range of 0 ~ 300℃ with an accuracy of ±0.5%.

· The output speed of the air turbine starter (time curve) is the time t required to reach a specified speed n. The measurement accuracy of the speed is ± 0.5%F.s, and the time resolution is 0.01s.

·Output torque of air turbine starter (time curve), torque measurement accuracy ±0.5%F.S;

· Vibration of air turbine starter, range 0 ~ 3 inch/s, accuracy ±0.5%;

· The test bed requires a reliable braking (braking) ability to brake the inertial wheel (braking);

· The test bed has the ability to detach the load in operation;

· Quick opening/closing control valve is provided before the inlet of the starter, which can cut off the air source quickly.