Air circulation machine (ACM) test bench is mainly used to test the working performance of ACM under no load and different air pressure. Its main test contents include external leakage test, functional test and electrical connection test. It can measure the speed of ACM under no load and the air pressure, temperature, peak vibration of rotating shaft and shaft vibration test of inlet and outlet.

The ACM test system consists of three parts: the main body of the test system, the UUT suspension mobile frame and the computer console. The main body of the test system mainly provides a high pressure clean air source after cooling and throttling treatment for the ACM to be tested, including a fan test module. The UUT suspension mobile frame provides the fixed tooling of ACM under test and the pipelines required for gas introduction and extraction. The computer console can complete the comprehensive processing of sensor data acquisition, remote operation control, real-time monitoring and testing results and printing out and other tasks. At present, the ACM test system developed by Ruineng Technology can test the air circulators of the following aircraft :MA700, A320, A330, B737, B747, B777, B787

Main performance indexes of the test system:

·Provide torque loading and testing tools, can provide 0.5 ~ 6 N.m torque display;

·The speed can be measured, the measurement range is 0 ~ 100000 r/min;

·It can detect the pressure and temperature of each ACM interface.

·Provide air large flow measurement, measuring range of 500 ~ 10000 kg/h;

·Small air flow measurement, measuring range of 0.2 ~ 4lb/min;

·The shaft vibration of the turbine and fan was measured, the vibration range was 0 ~ 0.25mm, and the vibration acceleration was 10G.