Restrictions on the use of electronic products in aircraft will be relaxed
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According to the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States is preparing to revise the relevant rules on the use of electronic products on board, and relax the restrictions on the use of such electronic products by passengers during taxiing, takeoff and landing; As soon as this autumn, flying may not be so boring.

The FAA has been studying the use of electronic devices on board since more than a year ago, and has drafted a proposal, which is expected to significantly loosen the current ban. At present, the regulations observed by major airlines in the United States are that once the main cabin door of an aircraft is closed, all passengers must turn off their electronic products and can not open them until the aircraft takes off and rises to 10000 feet. This regulation was implemented nearly 50 years ago, and most people think that the current electronic equipment should no longer pose a threat to flight safety.

A FAA spokesman said the agency recognizes the urgent interest of consumers in using personal electronic products on board flights, which is why we have organized a group of officials and industry to test relevant security issues and assess whether the existing ban can be changed. It is understood that the current draft proposal allows the use of e-book readers, music players and other devices, but mobile phones are not included in the scope of lifting the ban.

In short, devices without active wireless connection function will be within the allowable range of use, but mobile phones will transmit wireless signals. FAA still thinks that using these devices in aircraft may affect the ground wireless communication network. The FAA will evaluate mobile phones separately.