Large scale space science and technology exhibition landed in Chengdu
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Shenzhou IV spacecraft return capsule, lunar rover, space-time shuttle... These spacecraft that used to be only seen on TV can now be seen at home: on November 15, the reporter learned from the relevant departments that the largest space exhibition in Chengdu's history - large scale space Mystery Science and technology exhibition will be unveiled in the Eastern suburb of Chengdu on November 16. At that time, the landmark debris of the long march 3A rocket and the Shenzhou-4 spacecraft's re-entry module will meet Chengdu citizens for the first time.

The reporter saw at the scene that as the largest space exhibition in Chengdu's history, the exhibition is divided into six areas, including picture area, physical area, model area, animation and film area, experience area and interactive area. The main lines of the six regions are space dream, ladder to the sky, manned space flight, space activities, lunar exploration and future space flight. In the model area with manned spaceflight as the main line, Chengdu citizens can see the return module, test module, spacesuit and other objects of Shenzhou-4 spacecraft. In the area with the ladder to the sky as the main line, the public can see lifelike new rockets and missiles.

In response, Liang Ye, the person in charge of the organizer, told reporters that the exhibition has collected nearly 100 pieces of aerospace objects and models, including ancient rocket equipment, modern spaceships, space vehicles and space vehicles. Liang Ye said that among the items on display, the remains of chang'e-launched Long March 3A rocket, Shenzhou-4 spacecraft's return module, test module, spacesuit, parachute, space seeds and other precious objects are all on display in Chengdu for the first time.

In the interactive area, the audience can even get addicted to the astronauts in person, 'for example, the audience can put on their spacesuits and experience the weightlessness of space through the astronaut training equipment. We also have a space-time shuttle, where the audience can feel the feeling of passing through the space-time tunnel. Women who love beauty can also stand on the lunar scale and weigh themselves on the moon. By that time, they will lose a lot of weight immediately. ' Liang Ye said that the rocket launch site will also be moved to the exhibition site, 'there will be staff on site to demonstrate the ignition process of the model rocket for everyone, so that the public can have enough space addiction.'

The reporter learned that the large-scale space Mystery Science and technology exhibition will continue to be held until November 24.